Tuesday, May 31, 2011


One of my best friends Kendra found out that my mom was going to buy some baby gear for my little trip.  She thought it was totally ridiculous and insisted I use all of her stuff while I was in town.  This is Alessandra enjoying the loaner car seat.  Alessandra is a funny Pea.  She doesn't love her paci but she does occasionally want to suck.  And if she wants to suck and her paci isn't readily available she'll go with whatever she can get her hands on.  Sometimes she sucks her thumb, sometimes her sleeve (which her Daddy absolutely can't stand) and today it was the tip of the hat from the upside down Santa bib she was wearing.  (Yes it's the end of May and I have my daughter in a Santa bib).  

As you can see she was pretty comfy in her loaner.  

After a short nap and some play time at the Reps we headed out for a walk through downtown Parker to the fro-yo shop.  Kendra and I daydreamed of how awesome life would be if we lived on the same continent, in the same country, in the same state, and even in the same town.  We could go for walks just like I do with Katrin.  Our kiddos could play and grow up together, and the thought made my heart ache.  I would love that so much, but at the same time I love what we have in Germany.  

I love this life that we are living our way.  Cutting our own trails and getting the bumps, bruises, cuts, and scrapes that go along with being a trail blazer.  I know, I know, we aren't the first expats - we aren't even the first in our families.  However, we are still a little bit crazy and love a little bit of adventure.  We may be back in Colorado before the end of the year but we may be able to stay in Germany for a few years.  And if Jon and I had our way that's what we'd choose.  We'll see where this life takes us but for now, on this little vacation of mine I'll appreciate having my girlfriends close, and our families close.  I'll get as many hugs and lunch dates and parties as I can.  And then I'll go home, to Germany, and wish I was back in Colorado again.


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