Friday, May 27, 2011

I'd like some Larmian with a side of Chisa

There are some friends that you don't have to dress up for, you don't have to clean your kitchen before they come over, and you don't have to plan a thing.  You can have as much fun going out for drinks as you can going ice climbing or hanging out and playing Super Mario.  They open their house to you.  They let you borrow their things without a second thought.  The Reederman's are those kind of friends.  Jon and I love them, love spending time with them, and appreciate them more than they will ever know.

Lisa and Ben are awesome.  They love adventure, travel, and the outdoors even more than we do.  And have the time and resources to go on SO many wonderful adventures.  Jon and I are always wishing we could join them in their outings, but life seems to stop us more often than we would like.

Today Alessandra and I were able to spend the day with Auntie Lisa.

We hung out around the house and skyped with Jon. 

Isn't this little coverall so cute - it's from Alessandra's Great Aunt Cathy.
We went to lunch at an amazing restaurant (Lisa chicken wasn't cook so she had to send it back and our appetizers came out with the meal - but I still thought it was pretty darn awesome.) called The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse.    

The Restaurant was so cool!  Let me tell you about how this restaurant came to be.  Boulder has a sister city which is Dushanbe.  Each city built a teahouse.  Then they disassembled it and then reassembled it in the sister city.  I think Boulder may have gotten the better end of this stick because this building was INCREDIBLE!!!

Then we went to visit Ben at work and check out one of their new bikes.

This one has been Alessandra tested and approved!!

All in all it was an amazing day - the only thing I would change is the frequency of our Reederman visits.

Love you guys!!!



  1. Lisa Kriederman1/7/11 7:26 PM

    Awe, :) , we love and miss you guys!  It was so great to see you and little Miss A, sure missed Jon though.  But like you said, we love just BEING with you guys, doesn't matter what we're doing!  I love having a side of Larmian all day everyday - too bad you can only get it in Germany most of the year ;)  We are still looking into getting out there, just has to be after riding season here.    HUGS TO THE EICHELBERGERS!!!!!

  2. Lisa Kriederman14/4/12 6:53 AM

    Love you way more than that!!!!  Thanks for this blog post - makes me smile - a LOT! :)