Monday, May 30, 2011


My Grandpa turned 90 this year - that shouldn't be too hard to believe considering he turned 89 last year but for whatever reason it's a little unbelievable.  I absolutely love my Grandpa.  He is an amazing man.  I wanted to quickly thank him for his wisdom, his patients, his time, the adventures, the lessons, and all the love.

Thank you Grandpa!

I love you!!


We had a big shindig for him this year but my stinkin' camera ran out of batteries before I could really document how big of a celebration it really was.  Family and friends gathered from all around to celebrate.  
It was quite the fiesta.

We played games, hula hooped, 

enjoyed some cool drinks, sunshine, and A LOT of wind.

We visited with family

had some dessert,

and then brought the party back to Grandmommy's house 
because we just weren't ready to say goodbye.


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