Sunday, November 6, 2011

Feelin' Icky

We've had a bit of icky going around here.  Alessandra caught a cold which isn't a big deal but she's also teething which means even more snot and some pretty disgusting diapers.  Because of the yucky diapers we've also had a bit of diaper rash which just adds to the general ickiness that Alessandra has been dealing with.  Luckily, this time around, no one else caught the cold so that's a blessing.

I have however been fighting some other sickiness.  One of my main fears when moving here to Germany was not being able to get help when I needed it and then I did this which just solidified that fear.  So now I'm finally on the hunt for a doctor who is fluent in English and who doesn't just want to send me to the hospital or medicate me at every sniffle and sneeze.  I am hoping I can make a full recovery soon because all of this ickiness I've been feeling has been going on a little too long and I just want to feel good and normal again.

That's all for me.  Happy November!


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  1. Kristen Burback8/11/11 5:59 AM

    Feel better!  Sending love and hugs! :o)