Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I had a bit of a break down when my Mom was here.  I was have been so frustrated lately.  All I want right now is some stability, I want to know what tomorrow's going to look like.  I know it's impossible but I do wish I had some idea of what the future held for us.  

Jon and I have been in such a state of flux for the last few years.  We went from having our own home in CO, to renting one of my Dad/Step-mom's houses in TX, to having our own home in TX, to staying in a bedroom at my Dad/Stepmom's house, to a bedroom in Jon's parents house, to a small flat in Germany.  Our transient lifestyle hasn't been ideal but it's this time of year - Christmas - that I upsets me the most.  Our Christmas stuff has been packed up for years and for whatever reason I've felt like our Christmas traditions have been packed up as well.  We haven't been able to put up our tree, with our silly little ornaments.  We haven't been able to hang our Christmas stockings and our lights.  But this year we are trying really hard to get back some of our traditions even if all of our stuff is still packed away.

Here's where my Mom comes in.  I have ALWAYS loved her Nativity.  It is gorgeous!!  It is made from all white porcelain and isn't painted at all.  She always cuts fresh branches from the evergreen and she decorates it with white lights.  I could sit and stare at it for hours.   Because it is so stark it doesn't tell the whole story and it allows the viewer to paint the rest of the picture.  I told my Mom ages ago that when she dies, I'd really like to have her Nativity, but if she wanted to get rid of it sooner I'd be more than willing to take it off her hands.  So of course my Mom has been trying to get my grubby little fingers off her Nativity for the next few decades and has been on a search to find me one of my own.  

While it's nowhere as gorgeous as my Mom's - I love it!  We found it at the Christmas Market in Berlin.  I love that it's made out of natural wood, that it will be easy for us to pack up and take with us wherever our path may take us.  Just like my Mom's Nativity it allows the viewer to paint the rest of the picture.  It's simple, it's rustic - I love it!

Here is our Christmas window sill, with our little Santa, two red Christmas candles, and last but surely not least our Nativity.


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