Monday, April 16, 2012

Elmie Love

Alessandra has a favorite character from Sesame Street which is pretty funny because she hasn't ever seen Sesame Street.  She does have one Elmo book though and she loves it.  In fact she has the entire book memorized - which means I also have the entire book memorized.  This comes in handy when she starts to get a little fussy on the tram because I can just recite the book and it usually gets her out of her funk.  Here she is as Elmo in her performance of So Big.

For Easter Alessandra's Oma sent her a package and in that package was a pair of Elmo pajamas.  We opened the box and she instantly fell in love.  She wears the pajamas one way or another everyday - unless they're in the wash - and when I say wash I mean actually in the washing machine because she will dig through the dirty clothes to find it.  As soon as they are out of the wash and hanging on the clothes rack she pulls them down and puts them on.  She will wear these jammies as a hat, a scarf, and last but not least as a shirt and pants.  The only way we can get her Elmo pajamas off after we've put them on is to bribe her with a bath.  Here's a cute little video we did this morning and as you can see - she's wearing her favorite Elmie  jammies.  

I'm hoping to find my cord for my camera soon so I can start doing some "good" pictures again and not just bad cell phone pictures and videos.  I have so many updates to get to you but life has been pretty crazy in the Eichelberger Haus lately.  

Hope this little quick update finds you all well.  


  1. Hey babe, the video's are not available.  

  2. I know - I'll need your help figuring it out when you have a minute.  They aren't set to private or anything so I don't know why they aren't coming up.

  3. SO SO SO cute!!! I'm glad the videos are working!!! Miss you guys so much!