Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Here it is...

Drum Roll Please!


Due to fall break and the over abundance of big ones we quarantined the little girls to the ride section.  Luckily they were having so much fun protecting their covered wagon from THE BOY that we didn't actually have to put any coins in the rides.  The poor little guy just wanted to play with them but I guess these two little girls already have it figured out that boys have coodies.  
Here I am hiding in the sagebrush chairs watching the battle go down.  

Spoiler Alert!!

The girls were triumphant.  
Although they did get a talking to about sharing with the other kids though.

Bobolino's has a baby section, a bounce pirate ship, a giant volcano, trampoline room. race track,

and yes even inoperative massage chairs.

It's got it all!  

The best part of bobolino's is about 4-6 hours after we leave Alessandra is asleep.
Gotta Love It!!!

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