Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Pinned It!

I had heard about Pinterest but I had no idea what it was.  On top of that I didn't really think I was that interested in finding out.  My initial thought was confirmed when I first got on yesterday.

It was awful!  There wasn't anything to see unless you click through to the different topics.  I didn't know how to find people or pass along the pins I found.  Then I read the how to's and started looking around and it started growing on me.  I figured out how to search and found my friends and family.  And then it started to get more Pinteresting - hee hee.  

Today, I found some cute hairstyles I can try on Alessandra.  One of them I actually attempted.  Now, let me first start off by saying it didn't turn out nearly as cute as the picture but, 

I DID IT!!!!

Yup, I attempted my pin.  

 As you can see the couple pictures of her hair turned into a big fall time foto fest.  

Have any of you actually attempted something you found on pinterest?  
If so what was it?
Did it turn out?



  1. She looks adorable!
    Fiona is just now letting me play with her hair so I'm going to have to find some hairstyles on Pinterest!
    I'm actually pretty good at trying things out on Pinterest and I would say that more are successful than not but definitely some stinkers!

  2. I love the hairstyle. Great job!!

    Follow me on Pinterest!! :)

    and this comic says it all when it comes to Pinterest: