Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gum Gum Water...

...and other adorable Alessandra sayings I don't want to forget.

Gum Gum Water - Sparkling Mineral Water

Tomeeya - Banana

Blankie - Blanket

Paci - Pacifier

Solar - Stroller

Seat - Chair

Sep Sool - Step Stool

Mo - More

These last few are pretty obvious but they show how much of an opinionated chatter box she is.

This way! This way!

Sit!  Sit!

Wait! Wait!

Uhh... Ohh... - Right after she's done something she knows she shouldn't.

AAAAAAAhhhh!  Help Please!  
As if by saying please somehow takes a way the fact that she just screamed at me.  

A-sandra do it ahhh me!!!

Wait fo it... Wait fo it...
This one is accompanied by hand motions that would make you think she was trying to tame a bull.

No Eat Dinner Me - No Mom, I'm not hungry, thank you for asking.

No Mama, Real ____ - If she wants a different kind of something.  
For example I offer her a breakfast 'cookie' she will say "No Mama, Real Cookie"

I Do It!

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