Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kinder Karneval Parade

On Saturday we braved the crowds to go check out the Kinder Karneval Parade with some of our friends.  All of the schools "compete" to out do the other schools with costumes and themes and do a parade down the Kö.  This parade is way more mellow than some of the others so we figured it would be a little more our speed.  When in Germany at the Karneval parades if you yell "HELAU!!!" you are showered with sweets, treats,and other goodies.  And just like at Halloween, Alessandra figured that out pretty darn quickly.  

Just about everyone dresses up for Karneval, so we put Alessandra in her horse costume again.  This time however we layered her snow suit underneath - true Colorado-Halloween-Trick or Treating-Style.  The added padding definitely pushed her costume out of the cuteness spectrum and into down-right ADORABLE! 

The finishing touch I added, which looking back was quite silly because nobody saw it, was a cute little horsey mane up-do for Miss Alessandra Mae.



A big thank  you to Bethany Handel for all of the great parade pictures.