Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Expats (expatriates) can be from Australia, England, America, China - anywhere really - as long as they are living outside of their native country.  There is this crazy thing that happens with Expats - our relationships run on overdrive.  We tend to connect more quickly and oftentimes more deeply than you would when making relationships back at home.  You may think this is wonderful, and frankly that part of the expat life is wonderful, but more often than not there is an expiration date on these relationships.  So here you are making these really good friends and then they turn around and go back home.  Obviously you try to keep in touch but the relationship inevitably changes.  It's heart breaking and it's happening again.

Our good friends; Chris, Rachel, and Iris are headed back home.  I am so upset, and come tomorrow when Alessandra asks to play with "My Isis" both she and I are going to be upset.  UUUGGGHHH!  I am not looking forward to tomorrow.  Hopefully today's going away party at Bobolinos sticks with Alessandra for a long time.  Hopefully Chris, Rachel, and Iris come back for a visit soon.  And hopefully we can make it to England for a visit.

You will be missed my friend!  Safe travels and see you soon!



  1. Finally managed to get the end without crying...

    The good side of ending up with friends scattered all over the world is that you have friends all over the world to visit. As England is, on the scheme of things, pretty convenient from Germany, I will commence nagging shortly after the little one arrives (about 6 weeks to go now...) and continue to nag periodically until such time as you visit (or unfriend me!) Big hugs to you and A from me and I. RRxxx

  2. I continue to have a huge heart connection to all my expat friends that I met living in Germany. Some I have never seen again. Others it is so easy to pick back up right where we left off when we do see one another. They truly are another breed of very special relationships...