Friday, February 8, 2013

Karneval Fiesta

We had a little fiesta to celebrate Karneval (for all of my American buddies think Mardi Gras).

The girls wore costumes, made/decorated paper plate party masks, 
ate some yummy pizza and cake, and did a little dancing.  
The mamas stole a few bites of pizza, pieces of cake, and enjoyed a bottle of chilled sparkling wine.  
We had so much fun.  

I was amazed how well Alessandra did during the mask making with all of the big girls.  She actually focused in on her mask with only a few distractions the whole time the big girls worked on theirs.  

As our little party was coming to an end the sillies were definitely coming out hence all the giant grins.

To finish off the evening the girls took turns pushing each other in the play stroller.  You would have thought they had just been given the hottest new toy/game the way they were running and squealing.


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