Thursday, March 8, 2012


Alessandra has had a total of twelve bottles her whole life but you would never guess that with how obsessed with bottles she's become.  You see about a week ago while walking though the park we saw a little boy all snuggled in his stroller with a bottle clutched between his teeth.  We got home and Alessandra made a beeline for her drawer in the kitchen, she took out a bottle, and a day hasn't gone by that she hasn't played with that bottle.

If she's not walking around the house with it in her mouth, she's feeding the dogs or her babies. 

Here she is giving little Chloe a bottle.

Ooops - wrong end.  :o)


She loves her Chloe baby!



  1. Grandmommy12/3/12 6:02 PM

    Oh my goodness, she is such a big girl, figuring all of this out!

  2. I want to play!!! :) That looks like so much fun!! She's such a good little mom, just like her mama! :)