Monday, March 26, 2012



This morning for the first time Alessandra gave her Daddy a closed mouth kiss.  My heart broke a little. My baby is officially a toddler and with these new firsts will also come lasts.  So yesterday was the last time we may ever get an open mouth baby kiss from our Sweet Pea.

I know what you're all thinking - you'll have more open mouth kissed with you next little one.  But with everything that we've been through in the kid department Jon is still gun-shy to jump into adding another Eich to our clan.  I don't blame him. Losing Pearce was devastating and then having such a close call with Alessandra was absolutely horrible. So to venture down the baby road again is scary - but I still really want Alessandra to have a little Pumpkin ( or Parsnip) to grow up with. ;o)  I guess we'll have to wait and see but I just hate to think that yesterday was the last day I'll ever get a slimy little open mouthed fishy kiss.



  1. It's so bittersweet watching them grow up!! I'm always checking mine to see if they still have dimples in their elbows... one day Mackenzie didn't anymore and it broke my heart! But it's also fun watching them change. <3

  2. So true.  Luckily I got one more baby kiss yesterday and maybe a couple more in the days to come.  

  3. I know what you mean having to say goodbye to some of the baby stuff. Conner every day seems to lose a little more of his baby cuteness and keeps growing up! I'm not ready for that already! 

  4. NOOOOOO - Conner can't lose his baby cuteness yet.  I feel like I've missed so much of it.  Well hopefully we can meet up soon for a long playdate.

  5. Christina Tracey13/4/12 4:23 AM

    The open mouthed kiss just started with Mace and I love it! He has a girlie friend named Valentina just 2 months older than him, she closes her mouth to kiss him gently and he blasts her with the open mouth fishy kisses! It is very cute!