Friday, March 9, 2012

The Cookie

Let me give you a quick back story before you watch the video - it won't be nearly as funny if I don't.  So, I always put Alessandra's pacifiers in my top so they're always with me and I can get to them quickly.  Alessandra has learned this is wear you put/store things that are important. Just before I filmed this video I gave Alessandra a cookie.  The Girls were of course very interested in the cookie.

Que video...



  1. I love it!! So cute!

  2. How funny!  Reminds me of the ladies I worked with in Chicago--they all rode the bus from S Chicago early in the AM to be at work at 6:30--they packed more stuff down their fronts than you can imagine!  It kept things safe.  Of course, Miss A is MUCH CUTER than those women!

  3. And when you don't have a bra and just a shirt to fill just think about how much you can pack away.

  4. I couldn't stop laughing!! I loved how she peaked into her shirt to make sure the cookie was still there. SO CUTE!!