Monday, March 5, 2012

The Visa

Jon spent his lunch hour working on getting his work visa.  After three hours he left with some pretty heavy news.  He has about a week to get his thesis done otherwise he'll have to change his visa from a work visa back to a student visa.

Needless to say the news stressed Jon out a bit and I have a feeling we won't be seeing very much of him for the next couple of weeks.  I feel so bad for him but there isn't anything I can do to help him through this.

Jon had started on his thesis while he was in the midst of his job search but between interviews, visitors, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, a move, and a new job, the thesis was put on the back burner.  Since Jon started his new job he's been doing a TON of research.  None of which related to his thesis.  So he was comfronted with the decision to stick with his original thesis that was already in the works or scrap it and start new with the research that applies to his new job.  It's a risky move but it makes the work he's done thus far at work and the information that's fresh in his head the topic for his thesis.  It will mean more work but it will be work that will serve him in the future at work.  So that's his plan.  To start his 40 page thesis (40 pages of content) all over again and get it done ASAP so he can get the visa that we need to stay here.


Update:  Monday night 10 pages 

Update:  Tuesday night 17 pages 

Update:  Wednesday night 27 pages 

Update:  Thursday night  35 pages

Update:  Sunday afternoon 47 pages - now this is total pages and not content so he still has a little bit more work to do and some finishing touches to make.  I think this next week we'll actually get to see him again - YAY!!!

Update:  Monday Jon was able to extend his Student Visa until May 15th.  So now he just has to get it done.  

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