Wednesday, April 6, 2011

American Week at Lidl

So like I've said before the food at Lidl is unpredictable to say the least.  I never know what I'm going to find because it changes on a daily basis.  The one thing I  do love about Lidl is from week to week they'll have different nationalities food.  For example last week was Mexican, they had tortillas, tabasco, and salsa - I bought 3 jars, I was soooo excited.

Well, this was my first American week.  I seriously busted out laughing when I saw it and continued to pull out my camera and take pictures, so I could share this funniness with you.  The American section of Lidl was all red, white, and blue, with our Lady Liberty making an appearance on the labels too.  

Have you ever wondered what we eat in America?
Or rather what the purchasing department at Lidl thinks Americans eat.  Well let me tell you.

We eat bagels,


microwave popcorn, pretzel snacks, and brownies.

Oh, and don't forget about the sauces.  
(to be read with a thick southern drawl) 

 We've just got to have our Bar-Bee-Q Sauce and our Hot Dog Catsup.  

and Sandwich Sauce?!? 
not so sure about that one but the other two are pretty funny

No wonder Americans are so fat - all we eat are carbs and sauces.  :o)

So tonight as you're spreading your sandwich sauce on your bagel with a side of pretzel snacks, popcorn, and brownies/cookies/or cookie brownies for dessert.  Know that I too am enjoying the same All American Meal - thanks to my good ol' Lidl.  :o)



  1. Too, too funny! Stock up well on all those yummies as they might not come back around for awhile!

  2. We just had that for dinner yesterday!! LOL