Thursday, April 28, 2011

Catch Up

Today we did a little catch up.
Seeing and doing all the things we haven't had a chance to do yet.

We Played at the Park.



We interrupt this playful post to bring you this 
Breaking News:

Giraffe-girl escapes from the zoo!

Giraffe-girls are closely related to Droolopotamus'
She has been known to slobber 
on everything she can get her hands on...
...and if she can't get her hands on it 
she'll bring her tongue to it. 

If you find her, smother her with hugs and kisses until the proper authorities can be notified.  

But you have been warned!

We'll now return you to your regularly scheduled post.

 We ate at Kildare's Irish Pub.

We saw where a famous guy was buried.

We saw a couple cool organs in a couple of pretty churches.

We saw a Rathause.

We bowled!

So in a nutshell, we had a very full, very fun day.
all photos in this post provided by Kendra - Thanks Ken!

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