Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Marrieds hit Dresden

Oh, Dresden!

Your charm and beauty are unmatched in Eastern Germany!

Where else can you find as quaint a picture as this - I do believe, only in Dresden.  

Random side note:  I LOVE pictures like this.  Let me tell you why...
I instantly make up stories about the childhood sweethearts who are still madly in love, 
gently holding each others delicate, wrinkled hands, freckled with age spots.
Now in all actuality they are probably siblings talking about how much they are 
dreading the family reunion but I like my story better - don't you!!!

Here we all are - I call these pictures squishies.  That's because everyone has to squish in toward the person who is taking the picture so everyone makes it in the frame.  
From top left to bottom right.
Todd, Lilah, Charmian, Conner, Heather, Holden, Jeremy, Alessandra, Jon, and Kendra
not pictured but still present is the Reps baby bump!
There are two problems with squishies...
1. the photographer (in this case Jon) often has 
a double chin from trying to hold the camera just so
2. you often get people cut out a little bit (in this case Jeremy).  
But other than that they usually give you a great photo, this is because everyone has to get so close that it erases everyone's personal bubbles, putting real smiles on everyone's face - like in this photo!!!
(I just wish my big mug wasn't covering up Conner so much!!)

My beautiful Alessandra girl!

Where else would you see a man and his pony dog who go to the same hair dresser.
"I'd like a perm, cut, and color to match my beautiful beast!"

I'm telling you - Only in Dresden!

Jon got to play with Kendra's new Micro 
- or maybe it was a Macro, I'm not quite sure - lens.
This is why this posts pictures have such specific focal points.  
If you notice the first city scape picture (the one right above Alessandra's pic) is out of focus in the front and back of the image but the middle of the image, the bridge, is in focus - pretty cool, huh!  
It also allowed him to take some amazing shots 

like this one...

and this one.

The Enfumes trying out my BMW

The Reps

The Stroller Brigade.

Snug as a Conner in a carrier
Just a handful of proud parents with their photogenic little ones.

And that was it - our bright, overcast, picturesque, quaint, bustling day in Dresden.

The End

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