Monday, January 24, 2011

He's pretty wonderful!

I’m talking about my husband.

You see after my meltdown on Friday Jon took me to two different outings with English speakers.  I know, I know - how will I ever learn German if I don't hang out with German speakers, but these little outings were for making friends, not learning German.

Friday night Jon had a HHL get together.  He came home, picked us up, and took us to this beautiful building downtown.  I walked in to a room full of men in suites.  It took everything in me not to wallop him.  "I didn't know I needed to dress up" I said.  He just shrugged and said "I didn't know they would be so dressed up, but those guys aren’t from my class."  like somehow that made it all better.  Anyhow, I put Alessandra in her carrier and started to mingle with the few people I recognized as his classmates.  It was so much fun and so good to finally meet all the people Jon has been spending so much of his time with.  We did speak English all night but it still wasn't like being home by any means.  Jon's classmates, although mostly German, are from all over the world.  With that many different cultures represented in two small rooms it made the exchange a little more work than if we were in a room of just one nationality, but I loved it and I can’t wait to do it again.

On Saturday Jon had to go in to school which was such a bummer, but that night he picked us up and took us bowling with his HHL mentor, James, another former HHL student, Jay, and Nick (all Americans).  It was a blast; we bowled – German style – and had dinner.  I won the first game, beginners luck I'm sure, or maybe I’ve finally found my sport ;o).  It was awesome; the jokes were funny, the atmosphere was light, and I felt instant camaraderie.  Now, was it because it was just me, Alessandra, and the boys or was it because it was just a little bowling alley of Americans?  I'm not sure but none the less it was awesome.

So Jon gave me just what I was needing, a couple of nights out where I could just be me, make some new friends and not worry about how to say is this toilet paper or paper towel.


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