Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where did my day go?

Then I realize that I've...

nursed Alessandra four times.
My brand new Ikea chair - awesome!!

taken the girls outside.
Our backyard - the girls love it!

talked with my nice neighbor.
She's the second window down in the white building - with the plants.

taken a shower.
Best euro shower ever!!

done one and a half German lessons.
What I learned today - der Hund shwimmen/das Pferd shwimmen nicht

swept the floors.
Pretty gross huh -  that's only two days worth.

eaten two meals and two snacks
The last of Oma's soup - yum, yum!

 done a load of laundry.
Aren't Alessandra's cloth wipes so colorful :o)
taken the girls out again! 

And that was just until I got the skype from Jon to head over to Tamer's 
(our favorite hang out) for dinner.

Then when we got home we took the dogs out yet again, gave Alessandra a bath, skyped with our enfume's, caught up ever so slightly on emails and then nursed Alessandra one more time before tucking her into bed.

Wows a!!!   

I'm even more exhausted now that I've told you about it.
I guess I shouldn't give myself too hard of a time for not getting the grocery shopping done.

Good Night!!!

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