Monday, January 17, 2011

City Dogs

Alessandra's second train ride happened sooner than we were expecting.  We were sitting in church at the Berliner Dome when Jon got a text.  The dog sitter locked himself out with the girls.  Jon told me he had to leave and I told him that didn't make any sense.  Why would he leave to take the train back to Leipzig to let the dog sitter in just to turn around and come back to Berlin to see Oma off.  The solution was simple.  I leave with Alessandra and go save the dog sitter and Jon stay behind and spend the day with his mom in Berlin.

We said our goodbyes and Alessandra and I got on the train.  Just a little while later we got off to see my two little girls in the train station.  I was so proud.  They weren't barking or nervous or anything.  They were jumping around with their tails a wagging generally glad to see me, but otherwise acting like happy little City Dogs!   

The girls with the "Dog Sitter"


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