Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pop Quiz

Alessandra had a first today.  Did she...

a. Roll from her back to her tummy.
b. Take a shower.
c. Wear a straight jacket.
d. b & c
e. None of the above - she's only 2 months.

Let me know what your guess is in the comments.
The first person who gets the right answer will get...
well you won't get anything except bragging rights.  
Can't wait to see what you think!


  1. It's "B", I hope she didn't have to wear a straight jacket!

  2. I'm thinking "B" as well. I would say "A" except that hasn't been her most favorite position so she might decide to hold off on that awhile! Of course, now that she has met and so likes her best friend, maybe she did roll over just to have more visitation time!

  3. I say D. Showers are the easiest ways to get babies clean - right in there with mommy. And swaddling blankets are the BEST. :)

  4. KingdomMama31/1/11 7:46 AM

    Well, I had some early rollers so I'm gonna be different and guess A. I kinda like Renee's answers, though. We always called our miracle blanket the straight jacket;)