Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I've got to learn German

About a week ago I was hustling around the house cleaning and taking care of my Sweet Pea when out of the blue the bell rang.  I thought it was the phone, you see here there are phones in the entryways that ring when someone is at the front door of the building needing to come in.  I nervously picked up the phone and said in my very best German accent "Hallo", I waited... there was no response.  Then a knock came from my front door.  I was so confused, how could someone be at my door, it had to be someone from the building.  I opened the door to find an irate 60 something women yelling, all the while shaking her finger at me and backing down the stairs.  The whole exchange happened so quickly I couldn't even say "ichferstehe nicht" (I don't understand).  And just like that she was back down stairs slamming her door shut.

Well shoot!
Welcome to Germany Charmian!?!

After that little run in, I thought "Man, I gotta learn German"  But it wasn't until today that I actually pulled out my German CD's and started my lessons again.

Every morning I take the girls outside to go potty and when I do there is a little old lady who watches us from her window.  She always has a huge smile on her face.  When I finally noticed her there I hollered up to her "guten Morgen!" (Good Morning) and I waved.  Well in the last couple of days she's really come out of her shell and this morning she was down right chatty.  I hated that she was being so nice to me and I wasn't able to understand a thing she was saying.

So that's it, enoughs enough, this girl is learning German.

...well as quickly as one can learn another language.

gute Nacht

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