Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Great Debacle

I was supposed to meet my new friend Kati and her two girls today and… didn’t happen.

The adventure started with me double checking the time and location of where we were supposed to meet.  I marked my map and wrote out the trams and stops I needed to take to get myself to the park for our meet up.  I programmed her number into my phone and I set off.

We were supposed to meet at this huge park at 3:30, I left my house at 2:45.  I realized once I got to the tram stop that I forgot my map and the paper with the stops written on it but I was pretty sure I could remember.  I took the 7 into town and then transferred to the 1 that would take me down south.  You will all be happy to know that I actually made it this far without any trouble.  I got off at my stop and then asked a mom with my “awesome” (read as much sarcasm in that as humanly possible) German where the park was.  The mom pointed me in the direction and I headed over arriving right on time.  

I got to the park and walked around for a bit looking for Kati.  
No Luck.  
I saw a playground a little ways off so I headed that way.  
No Kati.  
I tried to call her and I got a message in German that I didn’t understand.  
Still, No Kati.  
I found a bench and nursed Alessandra, all the while watching out for Kati.  
No luck.  
I tried her one last time before leaving at 4:30.  
Same message as before and I still didn’t understand it.

The trip into town wasn’t a total waste though.  I stopped at the BIG dm and got some cotton swabs (Jon and I are hoping are more like Q-tips than the ones we have), body lotion, and conditioner.  Then I met up with Jon at Tamers for dinner.

Kati and I have rescheduled our get-together for Thursday at 3:30 and this time we have a street corner we’re going to meet at instead of a HUGE park. 

Keep your toes crossed that we can actually make this play date happen.  :o)


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