Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Sweet Pea is Four Months Old

4th Month Milestones

You are about 6.5 kg now.  Mommy finally had the chance to weigh you on GKS's scale.  We're still not sure how long you are but We'll find out soon.  We'll be going to the doctor for your 4 month check up in the next week or so and they'll tell us exactly how big you are then.  

You are still sleeping like a champ.  Except for those two weeks when you nursed every hour through the night.  Don't feel too bad about that, it was Mommy's fault.  She kept falling asleep while you were nursing and you just took advantage of the opportunity to snack all night long.  You let us know that you're getting sleepy by slowly turning up the volume on your chatter.  When you start shouting at us we know your ready to hit the hay.  You have become the best napper EVER which is awesome.  We put you down in your crib with your paci and blanket and you "play" for a while until you fall asleep.  When you do fuss all we have to do is go in and hand you back your paci and your content again.  Once you fall asleep you're all snuggled up in your blanket with your thumb, in your paci, in your mouth. :o) You're such a silly girl.

At about 8:00 we get you ready for bed and by 9:00 you are usually asleep.  We tried the same routine at bedtime that we do for naps and you put yourself to sleep without any fuss.  You may very well be the Best Baby EVER!!!  You've kept to your normal routine of nursing at about 4 and 7 a.m. but you've picked up an 11 p.m. feeding.  Mommy's hoping you'll drop this one again soon.  You are still sleeping with us after you get up at that first feeding and we all love waking up all snuggled in the same bed.

Your days have become pretty routine now.  You nurse at approximately 7 a.m. after you wake up  10 a.m., 1 p.m., and 4 p.m. after your naps, and then finally at 7 p.m.  You will nurse anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes depending on your mood and what's going on. 

Your new favorite toy has become King Lionel the Lion.  He has a rattle head and a soft crinkly body.  You love to grab him and shake him and shout at him and chew on him.  He is by far your favorite toy right now and it's so fun watching you play with him.  You still like your play mat and your barn yard animals and of course your rainbow bracelet but King Lionel has become your #1 go to toy.  

You love sitting up and we've found the right combo of pillows and blankets to get you comfortably sitting all on your own.  You love when we are silly which is good because that's the way we roll.  I just hope you'll still find the humor in it when your 13.  :o)  You take your physical conditioning very seriously by spending most of the time on your back in a crunch position.  You've also become an overachiever when it comes to sitting up.  We give you our fingers and we pull you up and you don't like stopping at your tush anymore, nope, you like to go all the way to your feet.  Tummy time is pretty much a non-issue and when you do get "stuck" on you belly we just give you a little nudge and you roll right over on to your back.  You've rolled from your back to your tummy a couple of times but then you roll right back over because you still prefer your back to your tummy.  You chatter up a storm and our favorite game is "What Was That Word".  This game involves making up stories from your chatter.  

We didn't travel outside of Leipzig again this month but no matter where we go or who we meet everyone wants to know how we've made you into such a laid back baby.  Some people think it's because of this but we know it's because you're just that wonderful.   

We love you Droolopotamus!

& Daddy


  1. Love love love that first picture of you two. Beautiful.

  2. Thank you Kelsey! That would be Jon, pulling out his camera, and snapping away while we're playing. He has such a good eye!