Thursday, March 3, 2011

Huge Breakthrough

and I mean  

So I just bumped into one of my neighbors who HATES me.  First off, Ripley and Dot didn't bark when they saw her - YEAH!!  Secondly, she smiled at me and spoke, I didn't understand a word she was saying but she was friendly.  Maybe she felt sorry for me because I am looking quite worn and tired tonight with Alessandra in her carrier and a dog tugging me this way and that.  Or maybe she was attacked by a mob of friendly beetles and they bit and pinched her into submission and now she's going to be nice.  
Anyway, she was trying to tell me something about the doors.  
What I did get was this, at night she would like me to "dead bolt" the door.  


Hopefully next time I bump into her she can remember how nice I was and maybe, just maybe, 
I can have a friend non-foe in the building.


With that great news I'm headed to bed.  
Good night!