Saturday, March 5, 2011


Jon had a VERY busy week.  Between teaching English in Jena (no, not Vienna, Jena) and a case study competition for school (he made it to the finals) he's been away ALL week.  I missed him like crazy.  So much in fact I suggested we watch a movie, his pick.

We were about 30 minutes into The Fighter, Jon was sitting in his BIG comfy black chair holding Alessandra on his chest.  She was sound asleep and looked like she had been shot, with one arm flung this way and the other thrown that.  Jon was dozing but still following the movie for the most part.  Then at about 42 minutes he was out, breaking the sound ordnance for Lindenau, Alessandra had slid from atop his chest to his hip.  Okay, enoughs enough, we're headed to bed.


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