Thursday, March 3, 2011

Showin' me the ropes!

Katrine very well may be the sweetest lady this side of the Atlantic.  

While we were having our play date on Sunday I mentioned how hard it was for me to do my shopping at the local grocery store because it has such a limited selection.  I told her I was going to start doing all of my shopping downtown at the train station grocery store.  She asked me what it was that I was willing to go all the way into town for.  I gave her my short list of the things that they had that I was missing so badly; celery, cottage cheese, maple syrup, and beans.  She looked at me like I was crazy.

We also talked about Stilltee (tea that helps nursing moms with their milk supply and to help settle little bellies) and bar soap (Jon and I both thought they didn't have bar soap here - she actually laughed at me when I said it).

She showed up at my house just after lunch and had a list of stores in my part of town that will have everything I want and more.  She actually took the time to look up all the stores,where they are, and mark them on a map so I could find them again on my own - so sweet, right?!?

Then, she took me shopping.  

First to the market for some fresh produce.

Then the dm for the bar soap and stilltee.  

Last but not least to Edeka this big, nice grocery store for the rest of my shopping.  

On the way she pointed out all the other stores that I may need, "oh, there's a KIK they have great, inexpensive clothers - good for Alessandra, maybe not for you and Jon", "accross the street, there, that is the best wine depot, you like wine, right?".  We walked around Lindenau chatting like old friends, telling stories, and giggling up a storm.

One of the funniest little moments was when we stopped by the bakery (side story - she almost ripped my head off when I said I needed to run back into Edeka and get some bread, she informed me you don't get bread from the grocery store you get it from the bakery).  She asked me what kind I liked and I said "you know, the one with the seeds."  She lifted her brow "uh-huh - how many?"  "How many what?" "Seeds, of course!"  "Oh, four?!?"  She then walked away and left me with the babies.  She walked back and said "Okay, she's getting it for you."  "What did you get me?"  "Well, four seed of course" "They have that?  What if I would have said five seeds?"  She laughed at me "They don't have five seeds." As I scooted over to the counter to pay I said "I guess it's a good thing I only wanted four!"

It was awesome and I really hope we do it again soon.
I'll let you know when we do.



  1. She sounds awesome! So glad you're making friends over there!!

  2. She is and I am really glad too! There is another girl I have been trying to get in touch with for a while, I'm really hoping we can get together this next week, we'll see. Are the dates set yet for your trip? I can't wait to see you guys!

    Love you!