Friday, March 11, 2011

The Great Debacle

Part II

On our way - at the tram stop in town waiting for the connection. 

Well it finally happened.  We met Kati, Jolina, and Livia at the Kinderspielplatz at Clara Zetkin Park.  


Way better than the playground we were at on Tuesday.  Now I could finally see why she wanted to meet here. 

 Jolina ran around making friends and playing while Kati and I held the babies and got to know each other.  Although Alessandra can't partake in the good times yet, she LOVES watching the big kids play.  
You can tell she is itching to get out there and join in the fun.   

The most exciting thing that happened was when all the kids started screaming and running towards a tree, soon the adults started to take notice too.  What was it you ask...

a squirrel.  

All the kids chased that poor little guy around 
making him wish he would have stayed in his tree across the park.  

I finally caught a picture of the excitement 
but at this point most of the kids/adults had lost interest and only a few die-hards remained.  

It was a nice afternoon and I can't wait to do it again.  

You may be wondering why I named this post Part II of The Great Debacle.  
Well, let me tell you.

It was time for us to head home.  
I didn't want us to be making the trip in the dark.  
We made our way through the HUGE park and...

I got lost.
I saw a mom with her two tweenaged kids and I said "Entschuldigen Sie.  Sprechen Sie Englisch?" She said yes and I nearly leapt into her arms I was so happy.  She got me pointed in the direction of the nearest tram stop that would get me downtown to the main station.  
In true tween fashion her boy told me an even better 
and faster way to get there while skating in circles around us.  
Some things  - like tweens thinking they know more than their parents - truly are cross cultural. :o)  

We set off because dusk was coming on us pretty quickly now.  We got to the tram stop and I found the tram that would take us to the main station - #1.  We waited about 15 minutes and #1E came around the corner.  I wrestled the kinderwagen onto the tram and got comfortable but just wanted to make sure we were headed to the right place.  I asked the lady who was sitting next to me if this tram went all the way to the train station.  She said she didn't know but the man who was sitting behind us told me I needed to get off.  #1E didn't go all the way into town I needed to wait for the #1.  


Off the tram we went, kinderwagen in tow and now it was dark.  We waited 15 more minutes for the 1 and then rode it into town where we waited another 15 minutes for the 7 that would take us home.

Like I said - The Great Debacle.  
But we made it home safe and sound.

The girls didn't even explode because we were gone for so long.
YUP - it was a good day!



  1. Haha!! At least you can laugh at yourself. I always get lost too, even in this country. That is the strangest squirrel I've ever seen!

  2. I know - all the squirrels look like that here with their red fluffy tails and pointy ears.

    The only thing I can say in my defense for getting lost is it really is a HUGE park. It is the length of the city on either side of the river. If you take the wrong path God only knows where you'd end up. :o)