Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gebrauchte Kinder Kram

So Katrine took Jon and I to a Secondhand Baby Bonanza
to get stuff for our little one.  

Our mission... 
to find a baby seat for Alessandra.

That didn't happen, let me tell you why...

  It was crazy!  

We got there 30 minutes after the doors opened and there was already a line out the door and into the rain.  Thank goodness we were wearing our kiddos because they ushered us in the doors but no further.  There was one line that went up the stairs and another that went into a room on the first floor.  Katrine explained that clothes were upstairs and everything else was downstairs.  Today our mission was to find Alessandra a baby seat, and maybe a few toys, and that's it.  So we parted ways with Katrine she went in the line on the left for clothes and we went in the line on the right for everything else.

When we finally made it into our "room of everything else" there was a maze that took you around the room.  You had to do the entire maze to get to the check out.  Even if you got what you wanted just a few steps into the room, you still had to wind your way through.  We made our way; past the toys for the big kids, past the bikes, scooters, and board games to the table of baby toys.  We found a few things and then continued to make our way around the room.  We passed the play pens, cribs, and books - I grabbed ein Bild Wörterbuch for myself (Yes, I bought myself a picture book - but it does have over 1000 words in English and German!).

I couldn't believe it! 
there were no 
baby seats, 
baby loungers, 
high chairs, 
or even johnny jump ups.
They didn't have anything for a baby to sit in.

Oh well, 
I guess she's stuck in her current seat,
which consists of a laundry basket, a blanket and a neck pillow
a little while longer.  

We finished the maze and gave Katrine a call to see how she was doing.  
She hadn't even made it into her room yet.  
So we headed to a restaurant down the road
and had a lovely brunch while we waited.  

We all decided we probably wouldn't be going to the Baby Bonanza again.  
But, it was an adventure and you know how we love our adventures!


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