Friday, March 18, 2011

The Things I Don't Want to Forget

Month 4

I don't want to forget...

taking off my pants in the hallway
so I wouldn't wake you when I walked into our room.

that I had to start using clips to keep the bangs out of your eyes.

the sound of your giggle.

the two weeks you nursed just about every hour through the night.

that you're getting too big for your diapers.

checking on you during nap/bedtime.

 the expression on your face when you watch the "big" kids play.

you telling me about your dreams.

how proud you look when your sitting in your boppy like a big girl.

I love you,


  1. What fun these two new posts are! I just loved hearing her giggle and squeal (is that spelled right???) . The picture of the two of you is awesome. What fun she is--so anxious to see her again!

  2. These always make me get all teary. I love that you do this - so sweet, and those things that you think you'll never forget do tend to get fuzzy!

  3. I think these may be my favorite posts to do. The hardest part are the pictures, some of them - like the checking up one - are staged.

  4. Thank you. I think she's pretty wonderful, and sweet, and smart - but then again I'm mom and I'm a little biased.

  5. Love this Charmian! The photo of you looking in on her napping is just so beautiful. I love her story of her dream!

  6. That would be my amazingly talented husband :o)

    I wish you could see how expressive she is when she's chatting away. She'll get so serious and then so silly, it's really funny.