Saturday, February 5, 2011

After One Month

Every once in a while I need to recap the things that I've done, otherwise the following happens...

1. I seem to forget everything I did
2. I soon loose sight of where I am at

Hence, I shall now partake in a recapitulation of the things that have been absorbing my time over the last month. (A small side note, I have been reading a lot of FREE classic novels on the Kindle, so please pardon my loquacious use of the English language.)

At the airport:
I am the guy who travels a lot. Therefore, I am generally the jerk who complains when the mother with 2 kids (mit kinderwagen) is in line to go through security in front of me.

My turn. It only took 1 hour to check in at the airport. Not bad considering the passenger manifest included the following...

- Jon
- Charmy
- Oma
- Alessandra
- Dot
- Ripley


- 9 checked pieces of luggage! (By the way, only an additional $600 for the two dogs and extra baggage...not too bad in my opinion.)

Lesson learned. Don't complain about the poor mom, by herself, with two kids and two strollers.

We all made it safely...almost. Only one casualty, of which I don't have a photo. But needless to say, the stroller arrived in two pieces, neither of which could not be reconnected to the other. Thank you Lufthansa for the new stroller to replace the....oh yeah, new stroller!

Made it into the van (more like a bus) and 6 hours later arrived in Leipzig. All the bags found their way upstairs, and after another two hours of driving around...rental bus returned!!

I was gone the first week teaching English in Jena. I have no idea what transpired except for a trip to Ikea.

We did make it to the Nikolaikirche for a concert, which I hope Oma enjoyed. The organ in the church is pretty magnificent.


The next thing I remember is a concert at the Thomaskirche. It was pretty great too!

Thomaskirche, Leipzig
Thomaskirche - Leipzig

That is about all in Leipzig.

What can I say other than it was a very unique trip. This was Oma's last weekend in town so we decided to head to Berlin so she could see somewhere other than Leipzig, and also because she was flying out of the airport there.

We had a really great time. There was the opportunity to go see a couple of nice historical things, such as Schloss Charlottenburg, The Brandenburg Tor and the Berliner Dom, which we all enjoyed.

Chamy ended up having to leave early to head home so she could unlock the door for our dog sitter. Apparently it all worked out, she is still here and the dogs are sleeping in the chair behind me.

I was able to catch a couple of photos while we were there, though I am sure that Oma, Charmy and A would have preferred not sitting around for so long while they waited on me.

Berliner Dom by Night

OC&A in front of the Berliner Dom

Schloss Charlottenburg Gates

JC&A in front of the Berliner Dom

Schloss Charlottenburg - From the royal gardens

IMG_4199.jpg IMG_4200.jpg IMG_4100.jpg

Low and behold, we were able to get Charmy back to Leipzig to let the dogs in, Oma to the airport so she could head home and still have enough time in between to enjoy a drink or two while wandering around Hackescher Markt enjoying the Berlin skyline during the blue hour.

I think that brings me to today, or perhaps the rest has already been purged from my short term files (not really, but the rest has simply been school related, and Charmy has been doing a delightful job keeping everyone up-to-date).

Hence, have an enjoyable weekend, and until next time...... Tschüss!


  1. Yatinmulky7/2/11 1:31 PM

    I personally would like to spare a thought for the poor dog-watcher!

  2. Now we know we need to have a dog watcher watcher. ;o)