Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Dinner Party

Hyun Soo, one of Jon's classmates from Korea, his wife Eun Jung, and there little girl Min Seo came over last night for dinner.

Well that's not a very accurate description of what happened.  Let me rewind.

We met Hyun Soo and his family for dinner at this swanky restaurant/bar on Friday night.  They asked if it was okay for us to sit in the "love lounge" because the low tables are more what their used to.  Now when I say "love lounge" what I want you to imagine is this - the lights were low and it felt like we were under a huge canopy because there was billowing fabric everywhere.  There were big beds on platforms with low tables on them and pillows everywhere.  The couples that were already there were snuggling while they were lovingly feeding each other their meals.   We agreed and while I'm sure all of the other patrons were thrilled to have a couple of babies with them during their romantic dinners the "love lounge" was actually a really ideal place for us.
We kept the conversation pretty light mostly talking about their trips to the States, our families, and of course food.  Eun Jung asked if I liked Korean food and I told her I wasn't sure if I had ever had it.  She was, of course, appalled and wished she could make me some.  They wanted to have us over to their place but thought it would be too small.  So what did I do - I invited them to come over to my house to cook me dinner - I know real nice Charmian, but they thought it was a great idea.

So back to last night.

They came over and although it was stressful trying to keep our girls from loving on their girl (Min Seo decided she was afraid of the girls for the first hour of their visit.) it was fun.

All eight of us were in our tiny little kitchen preparing our Korean feast.


Isn't she too cute for words!
Her Daddy said smile big in Korean and this is what she gave me.
Absolutely Adorable!

It was so delicious and I am definitely planning on having more soon.


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