Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So Cold

On "blue bird" ski days my Dad would always tell us to bundle up because, "the clouds weren't there to keep the warm in."  Now, I don't know if it's true that clear days are colder but on those beautiful sunshiny days it always felt that way.

Today we had a "blue bird" day.  It was so cold!  Alessandra and I took the girls out to go potty like we do everyday.  She was bundled up in her normal attire, looking like the most adorable snow bunny bear that there has ever been.  When we got back inside her little cheeks and nose were so red.  I thought the redness would go away after she warmed up but nope, it looks like they got chapped.  Poor girl.

I feel absolutely horrible - I can't believe I didn't keep her bundled up better.  So next time we go out on a "blue bird" day she needs one of those scary ski masks that cover her whole face except for the little holes for her eyes and mouth.  She'll hate it but at least her little nose won't get chapped.


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