Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thumb Sucker?

Well I'm afraid my little Sweet Pea is turning into a thumb sucker.  
While she still takes her paci she is becoming more and more intrigued with her thumbs.

Now don't get me wrong I think it is the cutest thing when you see little ones with there big sleepy eyes fingers gently lying over their nose and thumb securely in their mouth.  

It's not until the little ones turn into big ones that I begin to worry.

So moms...
Did you have a thumb sucker?
Was it hard to break your kiddo of their thumb habit? 
How can I encourage her to take her paci over her thumb?

Let me know!

P.S. These other pictures of  "nap time" were just too cute not to put up.


  1. And THAT is why Danny has a pacifier... it's MUCH easier to take away. It's not too late to teach her to use the paci instead of the thumb. :)

  2. She still takes her paci but will also pull it out and put in her thumb and boy does she get mad when I take out her thumb. When I am really trying to put her down I don't bother with it but if she's awake I pull out her thumb offer the paci and deal with the fuss. I just hope it gets easier. :o/