Saturday, February 26, 2011


Tonight Alessandra and I met Jon and his one and only American classmate, Scott, downtown for dinner.

Okay, so that's not Scott, that's Yatin, but this picture was just too cute not to post.
On the way the ticket machine in the tram broke after I put my money in.  Luckily the "tram police" saw me and gave me a "replacement" ticket.  About one stop later the tram itself broke and we were all ushered off.

I met up with the boys and we hopped on another tram to take us to the restaurant and guess what,

Jon and Scott in our tram.


it broke.  

So far I wasn't meeting very good odds.  So we decided to walk the rest of the way.

We were on the South side of town and I haven't spent any time over there yet.  As we were ambling around a broken ambulance crossed our path, it was sooooo funny (Jon even said "man, I wish you got a video of that for the blog").  Let me see if I can explain this well enough for you to see the humor.  Here in Germany the ambulances screech eeeeeeooooooo eeeeeeooooooo eeeeeeooooooo.  Well this ambulance said, eeeeeeooooooo eeeeeeooooooo eaeaeauuuuuuu.  Okay, so that doesn't sound funny at all but it had the three of us in stitches.

Back to my evening, the buildings on the south end of town were amazing, I tried to get some pictures but my camera DOES NOT take good pictures at night, or actually any time it isn't REALLY well lit.  But here is the Neues Rathaus anyway.

We made it to the restaurant and had an amazing meal of handmade perogies and then headed home.

Our tram wasn't running anymore so we had to walk all the way to the main train station to catch our tram home.

It was an awesome evening, even though it seemed like everything was broken.  


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