Friday, February 4, 2011

Just a Hodge Podge

So Alessandra has decided that the view from lying down
or even reclining is not going to cut it.  

Here are a few pictures of her trying to sit up today.

She's so funny!

And definitely liking that thumb!

It's what's for dinner!

Since coming to Leipzig I am definitely having to adjust how I cook.  
You see they have very few convenience meals and my kitchen is seriously lacking in equipment.  
So the result is more home-cooked meals from scratch and all by hand.  

But I have to say that I made one heck of a cream of broccoli soup.  

The ingredients

The hardest step was sweating the veggies, so I took a few photos of that.

Toss veggies in melted butter
Press parchment paper around veggies

Cover and simmer on low
Stir every now and then until tender

Things got crazy for a bit so I didn't get picture of the next few steps but it was easy.
Although it would have been much easier if I had some kitchen gadgets.

Add broth to the pot until veggies are soft.

Blend in blender until smooth, return to pot and add milk/cream.  

I don't have a blender so I had to take the veggies out of the broth and mince them all by hand.
Then I added the milk and viola - cream of broccoli soup. 

I'm pretty awesome - just sayin'!

It was delicious and vegetarian!
So if any of you veggies want the recipe just send me a note and I'll get it to you.

Good Night All!!



  1. It was pretty tasty and I'm glad you liked it.