Tuesday, February 8, 2011



Alessandra is no longer backed up and I won't put up a picture of that diaper.
But I will say how awesome our cloth diapers are.  To date we have had 1 G-Diaper blowout and 4 disposable diaper blowouts.  Considering she has spent 90% of her life in cloth diapers I'd say cloth diapering has been a win, win, win, win (good for Alessandra, good for our budget, good for the environment, and last but not least way less messy) .

Ripley is doing much better but is definitely not back to normal.  We have not had her follow up appointment yet and when we do we'll let you know what the prognosis is.

Here is one Daddy who loves his little girl!!

Now on to the updates.

has been a bit fussy and we think 

may be part of the problem.

How do I say this...
 Alessandra's been a bit...
backed up for a few days.  
Every diaper has been wet so I'm not too worried 
but she hasn't had a good poo and I'm afraid it's making her a bit uncomfortable.

She's still loving her Old Mac Donald play mat, rattle, and all of her animals;
Mrs. Holy the Cow and her little sister Guacamole,
Larry the Pig and his little brother Gary,
Mr. Playboy the Bunny,
Ms. Hot the Chick,
& last but not least 
Mr. Love the Ewe

Our Ripley girl is still not 100% 

She isn't peeing blood anymore so I think we have taken care of the bladder infection part of her illness.  We believe she may have bladder stones but the only way to figure that out for sure is to get an X-Ray which unfortunately is not in our budget.  So Jon and I are trying to figure out what to do about that.  What we have learned from our research is that bladder stones can be caused by a change in diet and a diet high in protein and since coming to Leipzig the girls have had three different kinds of food all with different ingredients, levels of protein, and all three have more protein than the food they were eating at home.  The girls have only ever had IAMS and unfortunately it's not available over here.  Like I mentioned here, the grocery store doesn't really carry the same brands from week to week which is why we've had the frequent food changes.

The good news is that a change in diet can also help, we just need to find a dog food that is low in protein and stick with that food from here on out.  So that means we'll have to go to the vet or the pet store to get their food from now on, which will be an inconvenience and more expensive but not as expensive as surgery.

That's it for my updates - hope you all have an awesome day!


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