Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Hands

These are the hands

that dirtied the knife
that was cleaned by the wife.

The wife's hand slipped
and then she got nicked

but super glue did the trick.

And now for the rest of the story.

So after the dinner party there were, as you can probably imagine, a ton of dishes that needed to be washed.  So after breakfast I decided it was time to get those dishes done.  We only have one sink so I pile the dirty dishes on the left, I wash them in the sink and then I pile the sudsy dishes on the right.  Once I have finished washing all the dishes I wipe down the left side of the sink, drain the dirty water, put down a towel, and then I rinse the dishes and set them up to air dry.  

I am and have always been afraid of cutting myself.  In fact I have never, until now, cut myself which is probably why at the young age of 31 I am still so scared.  This fear of being cut (I wouldn't really call it a fear of knives) has made me less then confident when handling knives, so just like Jon said after he mended me, this accident was a long time coming.

I was just about done with the dishes.  I was cleaning Jon's favorite knife, the one he had just sharpened a couple days before.  The gunk on the knife had some time to set up overnight so I was having a hard time getting it clean.  I gave it a little elbow grease and my hand slipped off the blade, I was mid scrubbing motion so I pulled the back of my finger right into the blade.  I couldn't believe it.  Just like I had always feared, I looked down and the knife was sticking in my finger. 
Oh my gosh!!!  
I just cut myself!!!
I pulled the knife out of my finger and it started to bleed really badly.  I rinsed it and then started to squeeze my finger just above the cut to 1. hold the cut together and 2. stop the bleeding.

I made my way to the computer and I skyped my mom.  All I have to say is thank God for skype.  Anyway she answered right away and in the calmest voice I could muster I told her my predicament.  Which is this, I am home alone with my almost 3 month old, my hand is cut pretty badly and I don't have a phone to call anyone for help.  The only one close enough to help would be the mean neighbor downstairs but even if I did go down to her I don't know how to have her help me.  I don't know where a doctor, urgent care facility, or hospital is (not that this cut was bad enough to go to the hospital for but regardless I didn't know where one was).  She sent Jon an instant message via skype.  For whatever reason he wasn't responding and it wasn't until I looked over at his desk that I realized the reason he wasn't answering was because he didn't take his computer to class.  So she called him and he was finally on his way.  Normally when he's at school he can make it home in about 7-15 minutes but he was on a field trip with his German class, which is why he didn't take his computer, and it took him nearly an hour to get home.  

When he finally got home and saw my hand he said "Wow, that's a good one!"  Which really means, boy that's pretty bad.  I have to be honest hearing him say that made me a little proud - Yup, I did a humdinger on myself alright!  He had me open the wound back up and wash it really well - that hurt like a son of a gun - then he sprayed some stuff in it and got me all bandaged up.  After talking about it we decided that we would just super glue it as opposed to going and getting stitches so once the wound had stopped bleeding again, he super glued me shut.

So the lessons we learned from this.
1. Charmian needs a cell phone.
2. Charmian needs to know where she can go to get help i.e. doctors office, urgent care facility, and hospital.
3. Charmian needs to wear kevlar gloves when handling anything sharper than a butter knife.



  1. How awful--super glue does the trick, though. That's what the docs use on themselves, although they don't recommend for patients! How lucky you are that this is your first cut. I sliced myself Tuesday morning in a totally stupid fashion. I had done the hand-washing and good knives in the drainer. I reached in the drainer to take something out and inadvertently barely, barely touched the blade of one of the black-handled knives and it sliced me that quick. Dumb things still opens up and bleeds--have to keep it bandaided tight. Ugh I hope your's feels much better soon.

  2. No fun at all, I hope your cut heals quickly.
    Jon was so cute, he comes home with the super glue and says, don't worry I looked up how to super glue cuts on Google. The funny thing is when he said this I was relieved.