Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ripley's sick

So what did we do today?

We spent the morning at the vet with one sick puppy.  :o(

On Wednesday afternoon we went for a walk, and as the girls played in the new fallen snow at the city park I noticed that Ripley kept stopping to pee.  I thought it was pretty strange but didn't think anything of it until we were getting ready to leave.  She peed  in the snow near me and that 's when I saw that she was peeing blood.  My heart sank, I rushed home and tried to get in touch with Jon.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to until after 5:00 so everything was closed and my poor little girl would have to wait until this morning to go see the Doctor.

The doctor was pretty concerned.  Ripley received a shot of antibiotics and a pain killer.  We were given a pee cup to collect a sample of her urine and told to keep an eye on her.  If she isn't significantly better by Saturday morning we have to bring her back in for x-rays and possibly surgery.

So keep her in your thoughts and prayers tonight and I'll keep you updated on how she's doing.

Thank you,

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