Friday, February 18, 2011

The Things I Don't Want to Forget

Month 3

I don't want to forget... 

the way you flirt with your Daddy every morning while we're all cuddling in bed.

the dimples in your knees.

our "talks" at the changing table.

how much you love to fly.

the days when you would only nurse lying down.

how small you look in your carrier.

your finger and toe jam.

your raspberry blowing.

how you "help" us change your diaper by lifting your little tushie in the air.

how you hold my thumb while you're nursing

how hard you try to sit up on your own.

how you sleep with your little hands by your face.

the dimples in your hands.

the time you attempted to suck your paci and both thumbs.

I love you,


  1. That made me get all choked up. She is so precious.

  2. My mom told me ages ago, I was probably a teenager or younger, that she loves to see babies hand dimples and she said you know they're not babies anymore once the dimples have gone away. I asked her when I lost my dimples and she couldn't remember and it made her so sad that she didn't pay closer attention to those things. That's why I decided to start this little I don't want to forget post. They're only this small for such a short amount of time that I don't want to forget all these little things.

    I miss you Kelsey - give your girls a squeeze for me and tell them Alessandra says hi!